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Milan, 5 December 2019 - Roberta Pozzi gives shape to her thoughts through embroidery: Rainbow, Green fantasy, Felicit à, Incontro, Camogli, Gi ò made together with her sister, the Minorca or Gino pillow, for her husband, are some of the titles of the works on display between 6 and 24 December 2019 at the Meme Gallery in Milan, and which tell of her artistic

evolution. Paintings full of aesthetic sense, some of which have cheered customers for years of the historic family restaurant, “Il Carpaccio ” in via Settala in Milan, including well-known artists for whom Roberta creates an embroidery as a place, and where the gallery-showcase “il Crepaccio ” was founded in 2012 .

“If it is true that fabrics are made up of intertwining threads as words (Aldous Huxley) form the thread with which we bind our experiences, then we can say that Roberta's experiences of existence are threads of color. rati impressed through the noble art of embroidery - says Giovanni Maria Conti Author of the text of the catalog - this has always been codified as a minor art practiced exclusively manually by young women to gain awareness on how to embellish and take care of household linen becomes for Roberta Pozzi an instrument of artistic representaion in which the meaning of things takes on a different meaning.


Just like the English Julie Cockburn, who retrieves old photographs from the 1920s and 1930s and covers them with polka dots multicolored hand embroidered with minute stitches, or Maggie Dunlap, who transformed embroidery from a historic decorative art to a powerful tool of denunciation against violence against women, Roberta stages and shapes her fantasies, from everyday objects to vases of flowers up to the beautiful representations of prickly pear plants, weaving and embroidering yarns of different nature.


And perhaps this is precisely its peculiarity, that of knowing how to dose the color but above all using the qualities of the yarns to transform the shades, now lighter, now darker, restoring depth to the embroidered subject by Roberta because she who builds the canvases to be embroidered, geometric research and experimentation, in which color and its shades are the real protagonists.


Thoughts made form through colored yarns that represent Roberta Pozzi and what is most precious in reality shows herself with her works, a gentle soul made eternal thanks to a simple modified thread of meaning.


Giovanni Maria Conti